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Volunteerism Conference 2012   

How does engaging the right volunteers increase a non-profit organisation’s service to the community and expand awareness and support of its work?

Recruiting volunteers is but a start to real engagement. What are the elements of a good volunteer management system and how do we meaningfully engage and motivate volunteers to be active citizens within our community?

If you were living in an ideal world, how would you like it to be? Can you be the change you want to see?

dedicated segments for non-profits, corporate organisations, schools and individuals, participants engaged
in a series of in-depth dialogues on various topics including: engaging volunteers meaningfully to create greater impact in the community, implementing successful volunteer management systems, effective synergies between NPOs and schools and creating sustainable corporate volunteering programmes.

Organised by the
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), this 3-day conference was held from 22 to 24 May 2012 at the YMCA Lee Kong Chian Auditorium.

Together with guest speaker Susan Ellis, this conference enabled participants to explore the various aspects of volunteerism on a deeper level, provided the opportunity for participants to network with like-minded individuals, inspired and equipped everyone to make that change we want to see in our community.

We would like to thank all participants and volunteers for contributing to the success of the Conference.

For further enquiries, please email us at

Session handouts can be downloaded from the conference schedule below:

Event Day


Programme Highlights

Targeted at


Day 1

22nd May



Keynote opening address:

IMAGINE: A World Without Volunteers

NPO Executive Directors

(344 KB)


Corporate-NPO Dialogue session:

Corporate Volunteering and the Bottom Line: Challenges and Opportunities

Corporate groups and NPOs

(127 KB)


Volunteer Workshop:

Volunteer Power!
(Same content as session on Day 2)

Volunteers and
anyone keen to explore volunteerism!

(250 KB)

Day 2




Volunteer Management Workshop:

The Art & Science of Volunteer Management

Participants will be invited for an exclusive
Train the Trainer programme

NPO staff engaging volunteers

(639 KB)


Volunteer Workshop:

Volunteer Power!
(Same content as session on Day 1)

Volunteers and
anyone keen to explore volunteerism!

(250 KB)

Day 3

24th May



VMS Clinic:

The Volunteer Doctor is In

NPO staff engaging volunteers
A continuation from
The Art & Science of Volunteer Management
in Day 2

- 5:30pm

Schools-NPO Dialogue Session:

It takes 2 to Tango
(Features a teacher and student panel)

NPO staff engaging volunteers 

(59 KB)


Keynote closing address:
IMAGINE: A World of Volunteers

Community Networking

All conference guests

(123 KB)

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Conference Programme & Highlights  (980 KB)
Full set of Conference Handouts   (1.2 MB)
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    Volunteers Say
    Read what SG Cares volunteers and VHO partners have to say!

    “All the volunteers who signed up for the recent packing of goodies turned up! We are really delighted with their help. Thanks SG Cares for the great work in helping VWOs like us find people to help out in times of need.” - Susie Wee from Family Life Society.

    “The Sgcares portal is a very efficient system. It enables Volunteers to choose the type of beneficiary they like to volunteer their time with. Therefore, when I was running Kindsville Tour and needed volunteers who love working with children, I was glad to find new volunteers from all walks of life who enjoyed serving their time with children and see them so passionate in volunteering. I highly recommend this site to both Volunteers and Volunteer Coordinators. Volunteers will enjoy the flexible volunteering opportunities based on their preferred beneficiary and availability, and Coordinators will love the portal as it’s so organised, and comes with downloadable Volunteers data in excel or pdf version. It just makes volunteer management so easy! Thank you so much Sgcares!” –Narelle, Singapore Kindness Movement

    I also wish to compliment the volunteer portal SG Cares by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre — every activity has been a satisfying, enriching and encouraging experience. - Sujata Dwivedi

    Ryo has a passion for working with our volunteers and have shown strong commitment and dedication when working with them. - Vernon Kang (CEO), Singapore Heart Foundation

    I would like to take this opportunity here to thanks all volunteers from SGCares today making our Annual Charity Vegetarian Lunch for the elderly folks a successful event! A very big Thank You! - Yvonne from Mi Le Old Folks' Association

    Posting our recent volunteer recruitment drive on the SG Cares was a great way of getting the word out. Through the portal, we received numerous enquires about the event, and also managed to recruit a number of new volunteers that weekend.  We look forward to organising more activities for our clients with our new volunteers. - Alice Hue from Society for the Physically Disabled

    Putting up an activity at SG Cares was significantly helpful to introducing Homework Cafe to more volunteers. It's always heartening to see the full sign-up! Homework Cafe has been growing well, with more children and volunteers! :)
    - Janice from Siglap CC

    Being a volunteer through SG Cares was like returning a favour to society in a positive manner. The experience was stimulating, enriching and there are flexibilities in the type of voluntary work available. My sincere thanks to SG Cares for making my affiliation memorable and fulfilling. - Spencer Ow from Project No Dead End (NoDE) II

    SG Cares really helps in looking out for ad-hoc volunteering opportunities in Singapore. It is a plus for many who want to volunteer their services but are unable to commit long periods of time regularly. - Teh Zitao from Project No Dead End (NoDE) II

    We are glad to tap on the SG Cares portal to engage volunteers who share the same passion, which is to aid youths in making wise life decisions, paving the way for a win-win situation for both parties. Not to mention that the portal helps to keep track of volunteers’ information; this has certainly helped to ease our administrative workload! The portal will greatly value-add to the recruitment efforts of any organization or interest groups! - Jeremy from Project NoDE, AMazeing

    The SG Cares volunteers have performed very well. We have seen an increase in residents participating in the bingo game from 25 pax previously to 46 pax. The volunteers have brought excitment and are interactive with our elderly. I have observed that the elderly very much look forward to bingo session than before. I would sincerely like to say a Big Thank You to all SG Cares volunteers. - Gek Keow from Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital

    They are definitely not the nicest breed or the cutest puppies, in fact many were old and crippled. Yet somehow, we were drawn to all of them. Every single one of them seems to tell a sad story of their own. Abandoned, abused or neglected, yet majority of the dogs there remain loyal to humans. God bless all the doggies and I salute the dedicated group of regular of volunteers. - Angeline Soh recounting her volunteering experience with Animal Lovers League

    I feel every primary and secondary school student should go through the International Volunteer Day "Experience With Me" section to figure out which cause they like before they start their CIP activities. It's extremely impactful! Hats off! My favourite part was the hearing impaired and forest trail. - Juliah Bee

    Through SG Cares, we now have a volunteer from Britain helping with the English curriculum at our Rotary Family Service Centre, corporate volunteers conducting monthly Bingo sessions, and volunteers for the Family Life Education talks we conduct. Just want to say a huge thank you! - Alice from Rotary Family Service Centre

    The ISCOS Healthy Lifestyle Family Event 2011 garnered 272 participants to make 8160 bowls of rice for needy families of South East CDC. The SG Cares volunteers helped as Mobile Safety Officer, Game Masters, Trail Challenge Facilitators, Walking Motivators, and many more. It was truly enjoyable for all. - Effy from Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd

    It's a deep sense of joy and fulfillment with each volunteering experience. I am proud to be supporting a great cause! - Yizhen

    I am glad that the activity and human-touch helped fill the lives of the elderly, who often tend to be lonelier. I would definitely extend a helping hand and a listening ear again. - Elysia

    Though some patients at the Bright Vision Hospital were not eager to participate in the karaoke session, I’m glad that they smiled and responded to us.  The staff's care, attention and enthusiasm for the patients impressed me and made me feel that volunteers would definitely be able to blend in and make a difference to the patients' lives. - Audrey Lim

    I was concerned because it's my first time volunteering without a close friend. Thankfully, I was warmly welcomed by other volunteers and everyone took the initiative to talk to one another, making me feel at ease. I learned how to recycle and am keen to apply the recycling statistics I acquired at the activity in my school projects. -

    Just living is not enough, we should offer help to those in need. If mankind has this kind of attitude, this world would be a much better place to live. - Myat

    I believe the reason why we are driven to continue serving and helping others is because we find joy and motivation doing them. - Eugene

    This volunteering experience I had has been the most heartwarming. All I did was just to lend a listening ear to only 2 patients and only for a short while, yet, I felt great joy after the session. They so willingly shared with us their stories and life experiences. The smiles they gave when we said good-bye still linger on my mind. I hope the little time I had with them brightened their day too. -
    Meow Lin

    The Toss the Ball Activity at St. Luke's was a meaningful experience. The elderly were warm, cheerful and deeply appreciative that we were willing to spend time with them. There was a strong sense of community as all the elderly joined together to sing songs, pass the ball around and share a birthday cake. During tea-time, I listened to the life story of a 95-year lady, who talked non-stop about her children and grandchildren. The experience was a reminder to remember the family and community that is around us, and to stop to help those who need our help. A few hours is a good start to making a difference in others lives. - Jeff

    I was initially apprehensive that the event participants might not be very enthusiastic to participate. However, I was amazed by the level of engagement and enthusiasm that they showed. When talking and spending time with them, it was not apparent they were patients undergoing therapy. It was heartwarming to see their competitiveness, joy and openness with which they welcomed us as part of their group. Even though it was a short event, I would certainly like to go back again and spend time with them. The lesson for me was that we must learn to ignore each other's shortcomings and cherish more the positive attributes that each one of us has. - Raesh

    I found the activity (Activities With Elderly Residents @ Singapore Christian Home for the Aged) enjoyable but also challenging. I had thought that it would be easy to interact with the elderly residents at the Home as I had looked after my own elderly mum for nearly 6 years. The challenging part was getting them interested in participating in the activities we planned for them. Some were slow to respond to the drawing/colouring activity because they had poor eyesight. Many of them needed coaxing so volunteers must have lots of patience. I'm already preparing for future activities with the aged by learning origami and reading up on games that the elderly can play and enjoy. - Jillian

    It was really my pleasure to be given the chance to work with other volunteers. With regards to the task (Maintenance at ACRES), it was considerably exhausting but I guess it's a mere representation of what genuine service means. The sacrificial purpose of it is undeniably the essence of the volunteer activity in itself. Amidst the scorching heat of the sun, we still managed to battle against the creeping weeds and in the end, I presume that still, we attained our primary commitment to provide a a conducive environment for the resident animals, visitors and even for the staff and crew of ACRES. -

    My volunteering experience at St Luke's has motivated me to sign up more for such activities. It brings me immense joy when I see the elderly having fun with us as companions. Some have a positive mindset and some have a negative mindset about life. I am inspired by those who are optimistic. For those who have a negative mindset, I hope to add colour to their life and make them feel that life is still brightful and hopeful! -

    I had a really good time painting the murals! It was truly an enriching experience. Before that, I had never painted anything bigger than a piece of drawing block. I've always been interested in art but I never had the talent nor the opportunity to start practising so it makes me very happy painting the very pretty murals drawn by the artists. Furthermore, I'm glad that what we did will benefit all the residents living in that area so I've decided to sign up for the next one! - Samantha

    My greatest takeaway from this event (IVD 2010) is not the food or goodie bag but the opporturnity to be confident to approach strangers to inform them about the event or simply to give direction to seemingly lost sheep. It may be a simple act but it does help them a lot. Secondly, it is the opporturnity to reunite with other fellow volunteers that helped me growin some way or another. -

    It's my first time doing volunteer work with SG Cares, and I have to say the people are awesome and friendly! Some of them even introduced me to the new and upcoming activities that will be happening and I will try to join if I am available. Well, through this experience, I find that doing volunteer work is about placing others before self. It focuses on improving the well-being of others and it makes me happy to see people happy. - Yi An

    I think I would have enjoyed the event (IVD) less had I just been a normal participant of the event. The volunteering at IVD did not feel like "work" at all, but more like a gathering of friends (some new, some we have seen so many times before at various SG Cares activities) who all contributed positively to the event's success. - Benny

    I'm so delighted that I was one of the participants in this lively and meaningful activity (Clementi Hobby Club). The activity has made me more compassionate, open-minded and friendly towards all people. I really enjoyed interacting with lots of elderly people who I have never known and seen before. Their happy and smiling faces brought me joy. - Myat

    Through this activity, I learned how to be appreciative of what we have in our life. I didn't know that even in S'pore, there are so many people who struggle to get a daily meal. Sometimes, we just love to complain about simple things in life. And I'm glad that through this activity, it opened my eyes that I should be appreciative of what I have now, even it's just a simple daily meal that I can afford. SGCares has given me the opportunity to help out in contributing to society and in another way, providing a platform for me to learn and improve myself. - Irene

    So, Thank You SGCares for giving me the opportunities to help out in contributing to society and in another way providing a platform for me to learn and improve myself in one way or another.  This is
    my second time participating in the SLEC "Toss The Ball" activity. I went back to meet up with the "aunties and uncles" and "Ah Poh"(Grandma in Cantonese). They like to tell stories and I like to listen to them, to see them cheerful and smiling. - Myat

    I don't know why i just keep signing up for the activities with the elderly. I feel happy to share a little time with them and see how happy they are just to see someone around to care for . The old people really want to talk with someone, just like my grandparents, though most of the time I don't understand much what they say either. Here, language may be my barrier but i don't take it seriously or feel upset when joining these activities. My grandma told me that she loves to be listened to. Yup, anyway it's still a bit ridiculous just to listen without responding. Maybe I'll try to learn some Chinese :) There's a moment in life when people are old, they somehow turn into little children. That's what I like about them. An old man in my group didn't do any colouring at all. He just looked at others and smiled the whole time. Both talking and doing the activity together brought good feelings of connection. - Holly

    I had no regrets at all participating in the 'Cardiac Arrest Response' activity. Knowing now that a device such as the AED exists, I hope to spread the word so that others can know about it too. It won't be easy educating the public about the AED but I feel it is essential that the public know about such an important life-saving device. I'm really glad to have a great recap on performing CPR and learning how to take advantage of the AED to increase the survival rate of a cardiac arrest victim by a huge margin. - Andrew

    I really enjoyed myself at IMH. Before attending the activity, I didn't know what to expect (and I admit I had some preconceived notions of how 'mental' patients would be like) but I realised some of them are just like us 'normal' people. If you met them on the streets you wouldn't know they were such patients. It's important for them to know that not everyone stigmatises them & that there are people who care about them & treat them with respect & dignity. - Norrizan

    I was so glad that I attended Toss the Ball last Friday.  I could see from their eyes the happiness we had given them even in such a short time only. 
    Even though we just stayed there for few hours, the fulfillment and joy we had bring them made it worthwhile. There's a saying that we will only be young once, but the joy I saw on the elderly's faces last Friday made me think that Yes, we will only be young once, but the activity we had with them felt like that they were YOUNG once again. - Lovely

    Just wanted to say that it feels great to be able to contribute to the commumity, a contrast to the boring routine life I lead. As an university student, CIP is not a requirement and there's very little chance for me to participate in such event (partly because I'm lazy to look for them and the changing time table). I really miss the days in JC where I was a member of Interact Club and was able to help out the less fortunate on regular basis. SG Cares provides such a opportunity for me to help out whenever I am free and I'm really glad to  have join the organisation. - Le

    It was my first time volunteering at ACRES and I found this activity meaningful. I did not know that recycled bottles could be use to make beautiful structures for the tortoises and also save the environment too. At the same time, I made new friends. I am so looking forward to participate in the same activity. - Evonne

    I enjoyed the opportunity to socialise and dance with the patients from the Institute of Mental Health. I grew in confidence and lead the dances for a few weeks. It was sometimes difficult to interact but we tried to encourage them all to participate. I learned that I can express myself, help others and take on a leadership role. This activity made me more aware of the wider community here in Singapore and made me more sympathetic, open-minded and friendly towards all people. -

    I enjoyed helping to entertain the people who stay at the Institute. I found that I was less shy than I thought I was and that I can bring happiness to others with a small effort. I became more appreciative of the people who take care of the patients in the institute. It is a lot of hard work and I also realized how blessed I am to be healthy. - Caitlin

    I enjoyed interacting with the people around the Institute of Mental Health and learning about them. I learned how to adjust the pace and rhthym of our dance moves so that the patients would be able to join in. This activity has shown me how to appreciate the small things and to accept people with special needs for who they are and not to judge them." - Danielle

    I had a good time last Saturday. It was the first time volunteering for this activity. Honestly, I didn’t know how I should communicate with the elderly because I am Japanese. I cannot speak Chinese, Cantonese, etc, and my English is not good. However, I gradually understood how to interact with them by learning from other volunteers’ behaviour. I observed how they made contact and followed them.  I tried to keep smiling and talked to them politely and in return, they smiled and some even held my hand.  I was really happy and wanted to make them even happier!  It was not easy for some elderly to actively speak but when we talked to them, they looked so happy.  So, I think they need someone to talk to them like friends and that’s how volunteers help.  They look forward to meeting us and I want to meet them again. - Megumi

    I will go back to IMH again as I want to communicate with the patients and build up a long-term relationship with them.  I have asked my boss to give me a day off every month (when time permits) to volunteer for this activity. -

    I am glad to be able to make a difference... I feel great - great that I had made good use of my Saturday morning and making someone happy. –
    June Soon

    Regular volunteers (including staff at SG Cares and NVPC) are the rocks; part-time volunteers are the sand. Without having both, the bottle can never be full. -
    Leong Foo

    I learn a lot about myself through volunteering. I'm actually not a sociable person by nature so the sessions also benefited me.  It takes so little to bring a little cheer; just 2 hours and an open heart and mind. I thank the beneficiaries for being open to my presence and for sharing their stories. I hope more people participate in SG Cares as it gives one a chance to relax and reflect; and a chance to be a better person. -

    Since the day I started volunteering for communities back home in the Philippines when I was still young, until today that I am already in a foreign land, I've never been to a supreme & real bliss of giving myself to others until I met SG Cares and had my first volunteering experience with them at the Institute of Mental Health.  The moment I stepped out of the IMH building after the activity, something changed in me. From that day on, I long as there are words like "LOVE" & "CARE" one will be left alone - me, you, THEM!" - May

    A quote: Volunteering is an enjoyable and meaningful activity to do whenever you see a smile on the people's face whom you are helping. -

    Volunteering has allowed me to reveal my compassion towards the needy people so that their life and my life will be filled with colour and hope every single day. - Han Jun Yuan

    I found the session meaningful. It gave me the chance to understand more about special students. - Candy

    I truly enjoyed the volunteering session. Initially I thought it wouldn't be very meaningful. I wouldn't have thought this service would mean so much to the people at the AWWA Resource Centre if not for what Teresa had said. I've come to realise how budget is a huge factor to consider in VWOs. - Stephanie

    My first volunteering experience has been fantastic and fruitful. We will never know there are really so many people who are in need of help until we take up volunteering and we see and hear from the beneficiaries and organisations themselves. This has been a really a meaningful experience for me! - Meiqi

    Thank you, SG Cares, for caring enough to spin off something like this for those of us out there who wanted to do something good but not sure how & where to start. And I am so glad I have finally started my journey of discovery. I am looking forward to more interesting "do-good" opportunities coming from SG Cares! - Jaclyn

    SG Cares offers a humbling reminder each week for me that there is place in the world for kindness and goodness that we too often forget in our stressful and materialistic lives. Every volunteer and worker I met is a role model. - Elaine

    It's a real eye opener for me and an opportunity to do what I enjoy, which is working with people and helping those less privileged enjoy their lives as much as possible.  I was not aware IMH would be so big an institution and knowing what activities are available for the patients and getting involved is an inspiration for me and hopefully for them too.  I will definitely attend again if my shift permits, as I am someone who really enjoys helping others and can hopefully have a positive impact on their lives going forward.  I feel privileged to be a part of SG Cares and find the web portal to be very user friendly.  Hopefully there will be more activities available over time. - Simon

    Thank you for facilitating sports at IMH. The experience has been absolutely enjoyable and meaningful and I would be back again if time permits. Last but not least, thank you for setting up SG Cares! Wish it was up earlier while in school when community involvement projects were compulsory and I had to source for volunteer opportunities for the class as the representative. But it is definitely not too late as this is a wonderful initiative to encourage more people to be involved in volunteering. - Ellen
    It was absolutely enjoyable! And absolutely a meaningful and humbling experience for me, especially when I see the patients smiling and having a good time playing with each other and with us. I'm glad I signed up for the session because it allowed me a peek into life at IMH, for which otherwise has always been foreign to me. - Huda

    I always find that I take more away from these volunteering activities than what I have to give.
    - Shuhuai

    The drive behind my repeated volunteering participation in ‘BINGO with Elderly’ is simply seeing the happy faces of different ‘winners’ emerge out from every session! The positive response from elderly means a lot to me as these happy moments are something that money can’t buy. All it takes to share is barely 2 hours of my time” - Lillian

    I ventured out little knowing the influence it would have on me.  It turned out to be the best thing I have ever done. Thank you SG Cares for opening my eyes to the needs of others. -
    Judy Han

    I really enjoyed it and may sign up to go there as regularly as my shift allows because I get as much out of it as the benficiaries do.  It was my first volunteering assignment and I hope to do a lot more! - Simon

    This is the first time that I am volunteering with SG Cares and I have enjoyed myself interacting with the elderly.  Seeing the smiles on their faces when they have won something just makes my day.  I will definitely continue to volunteer for other activities that SG Cares has to offer. - Evonne

    The SG Cares activity with SAVH not only gave me the opportunity to interact with the beneficiaries but also to learn about the visually handicapped community, their vision and services. It offered a meaningful and convenient way of exploring volunteering. - Hui Hui


    It feels great to volunteer for environmental causes, to do tasks like gardening and landscaping. It enhances the aesthetics of these family centres for ex-offenders and helps people living there feel more at home. Coming all the way from America, I still feel the need to volunteer, even if it's in another country. - Lynnicia

    My first time volunteering with SG Cares, doing mural painting at Millennia Walk, was indeed a fruitful one.  It gave me lots positive energy to want to volunteer more in the future. It showed that volunteers like me can work together as a team to care and give our time and energy to Singaporeans or any non-profit organisations. - Latip

    We taught the children how to fold origami and we made paper hearts with them. Teaching the kids who were clueless about origami was a challenge for me initially, but I got the hang of it and was enjoying myself tremendously. I saw how hardworking these children were and what fun they had. They were all excited to finish their hearts and when they did, the smiles and accomplishments on their faces meant so much to me. Towards the end, one child ran up to me to give me the paper heart he made. It was so sweet of him and I will keep that heart for as long as it lasts. – Representative from Okinawa Christian School


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